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Illustrator Tom Brown came up with the idea for Hopeless as a comics setting quite a few years ago, and on discovering author Nimue, lured her in to write the script. In 2009 the first graphic novel in a planned series - Personal Demons - went live as a webcomic, along with flash fiction newspaper The Hopeless Vendetta. The creative process resulted in an epic international romance, marriage in December 2010, and an eccentric working life on a narrowboat travelling the waterways of the UK.

Tom has been illustrating for many years, his work including book covers for Joe Pulver and others at Hippocampus - all with Lovecraftian leanings. Nimue writes all manner of things under other names, including having a book on Druidry and Meditation available from all good stores! That one has Nimue Brown on the cover.

The Browns are both Druids, coffee addicts, and cycle a great deal. Life and creating are entirely intermingled. Creatures emerge from landscapes and find their way into comics pages. Bits of story are shamelessly stolen from things unsuspecting folk reveal about themselves. And along the way, concepts are played with, silly ideas tested to their limits and very random questions are asked. When they aren't occupied with making things up and getting paper dirty, they can be found ambling about the countryside in the company of a tigerboy, or sat on the towpath with musical instruments, confusing the ducks.

Shared influences include Neil Gaiman, Hayao Miyazaki, Clive Barker, Edward Gory, Lord Dunsany and Lovecraft.



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