Ordering Information

When Ordering we encourage your to use our new Purchase Request system. When you are viewing a piece you wish to purchase please click this button:


This adds the piece to your Purchase Request Basket. You may add as many pieces as you like to your Basket before completing the Request. When you are ready to Submit your Purchase Request click the following button:

Confirm the items in your Basket are correct, Click the Checkout button, and fill in all the Personal Information fields. If the pieces are still available I will contact you shortly.

Payment options:

The preferred methods of payment are money orders, cashier's checks, and personal checks on U.S. orders, and money orders and bank cheques in US funds on International orders. There will be a 7-10 day waiting period when accepting personal checks on US orders.

PayPal is accepted using 'michael@nsnart.com' 

 TIME PAYMENTS are available to accommodate every budget.

Items placed "ON HOLD" will require a 20% non-refundable deposit.


All orders receive personal care and shipping will be determined after an order has been confirmed.