Issue: 33
Page: 16
Media Type: Pencil
Art Type: Interior Page
Genre: Sword & Sorcery
Status: Sold
Artists: Cary Nord penciller

In 2004 CONAN was once again able to be enjoyed thanks to DARK HORSE COMICS' wonderful new take on the REH legend.  The title ran for 50 all to quick issues with Cary Nord handling a majority of the art chores. Fans were instantly won over with his rendition of CONAN. Cary Nord's name is now as synonymous with CONAN to the new generation of comic readers as BWS is with fans of the 1970's MARVEL series.
 Cary has held on to ALL of his CONAN art until now. He has decided to release one and only one group of pages for sale.

11 X 17 


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