Original Comic Art // Douglas Paszkiewicz

Douglas Paszkiewicz's work is regularly featured in several national publications including Mad Magazine. His own publication "Arsenic Lullaby" was nominated for the comic book industries two highest awards - the Eisner award and the Harvey Award and is distributed across the U.S. Canada, Australia, and Europe.

He is the originator of the Cartoon fetus, helped bring Voodoo and Zombies back into pop culture, and taught the world to laugh at suicide, abortion, genocide, infanticide, starvation, and anyone who tries to make a difference. he regrets all the things that where just mentioned.


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ARSENIC LULLABY COLLECTOR COIN United States Department Of Things Not Yet Tried Specialty Piece $27.00 
ARSENIC LULLABY COLLECTOR COIN Zombie Fetus Army Specialty Piece $27.00