Original Comic Art // Raul Caceres

Raul Caceres began his comics career in the 90s. He graduated in Fine Arts in Granada and in 1998 became part of "WETCOMIX," comic book publisher, and began work on "Elizabeth Bathory."
Since then Raul publishes two series: "Morbid Tales" and "Justine and Juliette" (comic adaptation of the novels of Marquis de Sade). All of his work is characterized by the mixture of genres such as extreme gore, pornography and the occult legend, embodied in a style that highlights the darker chiaroscuro and baroque compositions page.
In 2002 he began working as an illustrator for Crom Editorial Projects in various RPGs as "Coven, demonic medieval role-playing game", and Devir on the "Role Playing Game Captain Alatriste".He also collaborates with the magazine "TWICE BRIEF" (Ariadne Editorial) during 2002 and 2003.
In the following years he also published a series of erotic comics outside of Spain: In the U.S., with Eroscomix (Fantagraphics) and NBM, or LIBREPRESS Holland. From 2004 to 2007 he published the series "Aguas Calientes" and "Sexoterica" ​​in the monthly comic erotic "EROSCOMIX"

Since 2007 he has worked for AVATAR PRESS doing various projects as cover and interior artist. His credits include "Belladonna" and "Lady Death" by Brian Pulido, "2001 Maniacs" Tim Sullivan "Crecy", "Doktor Sleepless", "Gravel" and"Captain Swing and the electrical pirates of Cindery Island", scripted by Warren Ellis; "Night of the Living Dead" by Mike Wolfer and John Russo, "Crossed: Family Values" and "Crossed: Psychopath" by David Lapham.He is also co-editor and author Canallas Editions of the magazine "KILLERTOONS 2.0" since 2009.

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