Original Comic Art // James LeMay

James LeMay Grew up surrounded by comics. Dreamed of one day becoming a comic book artist. Ended up producing X-rated comix... Close enough!

"He's the BILL WARD of the modern era" says one of his fans!

James LeMay is the only writer I know that doesn't get criticized for having holes in his plots.

James pencils, inks and photoshops all of his own art. He is an artist through and through. His pages are extremely clean (aside from content ). Each line precisely placed. The scans of his pencil only pieces are quite disheartening for me to look at after seeing the originals in person.

**NOTE** Some pages have been edited for content to keep the THUMBNAIL VIEW a little less graphic. Unedited scans can be seen under the "OTHER IMAGES" links for each page. Thank you for your understanding**NOTE**



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